4 Things You May Want To Pawn Instead of Giving Away

PawnEvery year millions of people give their things away, throw them in the trash, or simply lose track of them in their homes. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but what if you could make money with the same items? You could very well turn around and either pawn them or sell them out right to a shop. Pawn shops give people an opportunity to sell items, make money, and get short term lending done without having to deal with credit checks and other stumbling blocks.

If you have never ventured into this option, you may want to consider a few things that garner a great deal of money at these shops. You may be surprised by what you may have, and what some shops will pay top dollar for. In some instances, shops will pay over the retail price because they make a great deal of money in volume sales, and more. The following are just some of the things that sell well and garner a great deal of money when seeking a loan as well.

Precious Metals

There’s a rush to buy and sell precious metals across the board. Shops always deal with this, and will pay high dollar amounts for quality gold, silver, and more. You may have a chain, rings, or just about any type of precious metals. Take them to a shop and there will be someone there that can appraise the items for you. Metals are usually priced based on several factors. The main factors you can consider are weight, and density. The higher the density and weight, the higher the price tag. You may have several rings, and if they level out to more than an ounce of pure gold, you could stand to make several thousand dollars.

Current Generation Smartphones

There are two big names in the smartphone market that will garner you a great deal of money. These two are Android and iPhone. However, these two names also come with a high drop off ratio from generations past. iPhone may retain the high rate, but only if it’s jailbroken, in working order, and can be transferred to a new individual. Android, not so much. However, the current generation of any smartphone could very well garner a great deal of money, if the screen is not cracked. If it’s in good working order, new, or even slightly used in the box, with original manuals, you’ll stand to profit a great deal.

High End Electronics


Sound equipment, televisions, and game consoles that are lightly used and are relatively in good shape can garner a great deal of money if you are looking to pawn them. The more current they are, and the shape that they are in plays a major role here. However, you can rest assured that if you have all the original boxes, manuals, and paperwork on them, you’ll be able to get a good price. This is one of the tried and true solutions that people get paid for when it comes to pawn solutions.

Musical Instruments

The next thing that you may want to look to sell includes musical instruments of all types. However, only certain brands, and quality items can garner you a great deal of money. You will need to look for items like American made Fender guitars, high end drum kits, Fender jazz bass guitars, and anything vintage that has the original fret boards, pickups, and no alterations. A beat-up Fender jazz bass from the 1960s can garner you several thousands of dollars, if it plays, and there’s no problems with the electronics on it. Pawn shops all differ in what they are looking for, but a rare item, is always something worth taking in.